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MegaTec MSN switch UIS-323f


MSNswitch will automatically ping five different preset target, which can be changed, and if they are unreachable, MSNswitch will power-cycle the power outlets.

89,81 € iva inc.

0.800 Kg
Main use for MSNswitch includes:
  • Home users who have to manually power-cycle their router to re-gain internet connectivity.
  • Resetting unresponsive device (for instance IP camera or NAS servers) which otherwise will be inaccessible from remote.
  • IT Professionals who need to automatically or remotely reset devices.
  • Preventing your connection from timing out or going dormant.
  • Having devices on an automatic power schedule [Ex: Turn on at 9am & turn off at 5pm].
While the main feature is very simple (and will be the only feature most customers will use), the device does have some more advanced features:
  • Web Interface - Allows you to monitor status, view logs, and change advanced settings & configurations via web browser. Easy access in LAN by typing //MSNswitch.
  • Power Scheduling - Up to 20 schedules may be set to turn power on/off to specific ports at specified times.
  • Timed Power-Cycling - Automatically power cycle power ever X mins (1-1440).
  • Event Logs - To keep track of when the unit had to reset power etc.
  • Dynamic DNS Support & Remote Admin - Allows customers to login via the web to access controls, view logs, and remotely turn on/off power to specific ports or reset power.
  • MSN Messenger Support - Sends you notifications and allows you to issue commands to check the status, as well as turn on/off power or power-cycle certain ports via MSN Messenger. (AIM & Yahoo support coming soon!)
  • Advanced Network Configuration - Allows you to setup to obtain a static IP address and use different DNS servers, and change HTTP web admin interface port.
  • Save/Restore Configuration - Allows you to save your configuration, and easily restore the configuration. Good for customers who are purchasing multiple units, as they can create a configuration file and apply it to all of their units instead of manually configuring each unit.

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