First, we need to go to mikrotik website an get the winbox tool. We will configure the device through this utility. Now we need to execute winbox, and click the button with three points that is on the left of the connect button. The tool will automaticly discover the mikrotik device. Once it apears a mac-address in the field "Connect To", we select that mac-address and press connect.

Now that we are connected to the device, we need to add a bridge, do not confuse this with "wireless bridge", so left menu, press bridge, select tab "Bridges", and press the plus button.

Now we give a name to the bridge, in our example will be "bridge1", then press "OK".

Now, we need to add ports to our bridge. First we press the tab "Ports", then press "plus", and in the "Interface" dropdown menu, select "ether1", press "OK", and repeat again this steps to add the interface "wlan1".


When you finish adding the ports to the bridge, it will have this apearance.

Now, we will configure our wireless interface. On the left menu, click "wireless", then click on "wlan1".

Here, you can see how to configure the basic things.


Now just press apply, then enable, its done. Now you have a fuly functional access point.

In the next howto i will cover how to protect the wireless network.

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